Club Hip-Bone is all about
having fun and getting good.
It's the absolute best
way to get started on
any brass instrument.

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Free instructional videos on oiling valves, greasing slides, cleaning brass and even picking out that marvelous new horn.

Band Director of the Month Contest  Nominate your hip head honcho for our groovy new contest. Prizes include CHB books, CDs, DVDs and swag, as well as inside access to the nifty new videos at Hip-BoneU. Details coming soon.

Brass Buzz gives you everything you need to start playing like a pro. It's the total package! Brass Buzz comes complete with an unbelievably cool DVD and a mega-fun play-along CD. Leading educators and brass professionals alike are already calling Brass Buzz the absolute best book/CD/DVD available. From important brass fundamentals to essential elements of good musicianship, Brass Buzz will get you fired up about playing your instrument and do it in a way that is TOTALLY FUN!

$19.95 at the Hip-BoneStore

Brass Buzz CD and DVD

Nothing beats playing great melodies on our instruments. It's the essence of music and exactly what our Just Add series is all about. Just Add is 20 original songs and a play-along CD with totally cool tracks and grooves. You'll develop the most important tools you'll need to become an outstanding brass player and a great musician. A beautiful sound, good sense of rhythm and solid pitch are yours for the taking with Just Add Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone or Tuba.

$14.95 at the Hip-BoneStore

Brass Buzz CD and DVD

Playing your instrument with a friend and a really cool CD . . . what could be better? Playing duets teaches us to play in tune and in time with other musicians. Definitely at the top of our “To Do” list as brass players. With Double Dip, we've taking it one step further by including a terrific play-along CD to go with our 20 dynamic duets. Cool tracks plus two trumpets or two trombones is a definite slam dunk!

at the Hip-BoneStore

Brass Buzz CD and DVD
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