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Bone2Pick Interviews

  • Steve Davis
    March 2019

    Steve Davis

    Freddie’s feel, his time, his sound, just the spirit and essence of his playing. . . if I could play one phrase as great as what I just heard, that’s it! I could just retire!

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  • Steve Turre
    February 2014

    Steve Turre

    Woody Shaw was an intense person and that’s why his music had that intensity. He believed in what he believed in and wasn’t scared to say it. He was 100% focused!

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  • Randy Brecker
    October 2012

    Randy Brecker

    Mike got stuck with the clarinet. After we had been playing for a couple years, we used to get together in the bathroom ‘cause we liked the echo. We would just play free . . . we didn't know much about chord changes at that age.

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