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Charles Vernon

The personnel manager turned his computer screen around and it said Riccardo Muti is named new music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I sat down and cried like a baby.

Hip-Bone Music proudly rings in the spring season with April’s bone2pick artist of the month, the great Charlie Vernon. Widely considered the pre-eminent orchestral bass trombonist in the world today, Charlie Vernon has been a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for nearly 30 years. He is an internationally acclaimed soloist, world renown educator, martial artist extraordinaire and avid swimmer. In his inimitable and candid style, Charlie sits down with Michael to discuss those incredible 3 decades in Chicago, his early lessons with Arnold Jacobs and Ed Kleinhammer, raising hell in Philly with Glenn Dodson and Joe Alessi, his one year in San Francisco and the start of his remarkable career in Baltimore. Don’t miss this honest and entertaining look at one of the great orchestral careers.

Charles Vernon lesson available from Hip‑BoneU:

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