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Bone2Pick Interviews

  • Charles Vernon
    April 2015

    Charles Vernon

    The personnel manager turned his computer screen around and it said Riccardo Muti is named new music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I sat down and cried like a baby.

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  • Phil Smith
    February 2013

    Phil Smith

    Bud Herseth used to refer to me as a greenhorn. I was totally a greenhorn. I didn’t know one side of the trumpet from the other.

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  • Gene Pokorny
    November 2012

    Gene Pokorny

    We were in a small room. Arnold Jacobs was there, Sir Georg Solti was there and Solti told me that I had won the job. I made it very very clear I was not replacing Arnold Jacobs because Arnold Jacobs was irreplaceable.

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