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Chuck Findley

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I gave my notice to Buddy and he said to me, ‘Kid . . . I’ll make sure you never work another day in your life.’ I made more money that first night in Vegas than I did for a week on Buddy’s band.

Hip-Bone Music is proud to kick off our bone2pick fall series featuring an electrifying interview with the virtuosic, inimitable and iconic trumpet legend, Mr. Chuck Findley. One of the greatest and most recorded brass players of all-time, Chuck sits down with Michael to discuss anything and everything from his early years growing up in Cleveland, joining Buddy Rich’s band at 19, building his remarkable studio career in Los Angeles, his relationship with his trumpet buddies Gary Grant and Jerry Hey, his trumpet brother Freddie Hubbard, his years on the Tonight Show and the recent passing of his dear friend Derek Watkins. A treasure trove of information, anecdotes and stories, Chuck Findley allows us all a unique look at one of the most prodigious freelance careers ever.

Chuck Findley lesson available from Hip‑BoneU:

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