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Nick Marchione

You studied music, I studied the history of interesting releases for lead trumpet players.

November kicks into high gear with our insightful sit down with the incomparable maestro of the trumpet, the great Nick Marchione. One of New York’s elite lead players, Nick generously discusses his illustrious career including growing up in a very musical family in Philadelphia, studying with the legendary Vincent Penzarella, landing a position in the orchestra of the mega hit Broadway musical The Producers at age 19, becoming the lead trumpet player with the venerable Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and working with the one and only Prince.

Nick Marchione lessons available from Hip‑BoneU:

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Paul Holtzman - October 8, 2021

IT has been exciting to follow Nick’s career. As a high school student he occasionally would sit in with a big band of retirees I led in a church in Haddonfield,NJ. As a senior he wowed the audience at a show put on by Wilbur Whitman with an all star big band and the guest artist was Bobby Shue. Nick came out on stage and went head to toe blowing choruses with Bobby. Later in NJ Nick would occasionally come back to town to play with a band led by my friend Joe Cataldo with whom I worked. And I was excited to find that he was in the same pit band for The Producers as my friend Danny Levine a bone player and the son of one my oldest friends from college days Charlie Levine. The last time I had a chance to see Nick was at a brass conference in NY where he not only played with the wonderful Lew Anderson band at Birdland but also appeared on trumpet the same evening with the Vanguard band. Keep up the great work Nick. Loved your interview.

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