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Wayne Bergeron + Andy Martin

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

We have that saying that studio/orchestra work is 95 percent boredom and 5 percent sheer terror for brass players.

Bone2Pick continues our west coast fall interview swing with our two artists of the month for October, the herculean master of the upper register, Mr. Wayne Bergeron, and the virtuosic master of all things slide, Mr. Andy Martin. Michael sits down with Wayne and Andy to discuss humble beginnings, all important career establishing first gigs, the state of the art L.A. studio scene, their flourishing solo careers and the future of the ever changing music business. An enlightening, insightful and entertaining conversation with two of the best brass players on the planet.

Wayne Bergeron lesson available from Hip‑BoneU:

HBU Trailer: Playing High Notes

Andy Martin lesson available from Hip‑BoneU:

HBU Trailer: Lead Trombone Playing

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