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Broadway Brass Roundtable

Having real musicians and real orchestras is part of bringing the human experience to the theater. You want to go to a baseball game and see a pitching machine that can be turned up fast enough to strike everybody out? What kind of human experience is that?? It’s NOTHING!

Broadway and Brass go together like green eggs and ham. Given the importance the Broadway medium has had on freelance brass players in New York over the past two to three decades, Hip-Bone Music is proud to feature this month’s bone2pick interview, the Broadway Brass Rountable. Michael sits down with five of the finest and most successful brass players working today on Broadway to discuss everything from how to get started, holding down a full-time chair, working with contractors and conductors and most importantly, getting along with everyone else in the pit. Included in this insightful and candid discussion are legendary trumpeters Bob Millikan and Tony Kadleck, lead trombonist extraordinaire Keith O’Quinn, premier low brass doubler Randy Andos and Local 802 president Tino Gagliardi. Don’t miss this energizing roundtable discussion about Broadway past, present and future.

Newer interview Jeff Beal

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