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Bone2Pick Interviews

  • Mark Gould
    August 2015

    Mark Gould

    Homogenous sounding orchestras are actually going to be the death of the orchestras. I would rather hear someone have a psychotic event during a concert.

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  • Scott Wendholt
    May 2015

    Scott Wendholt

    Someone asked David Baker in an improv class if he thought any of us would make it in New York. David answered . . . make it in New York? Just find a way to stay in New York.

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  • Broadway Brass Roundtable
    March 2015

    Broadway Brass Roundtable

    Having real musicians and real orchestras is part of bringing the human experience to the theater. You want to go to a baseball game and see a pitching machine that can be turned up fast enough to strike everybody out? What kind of human experience is that?? It’s NOTHING!

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  • Mason Brothers
    February 2015

    Mason Brothers

    We started playing brass instruments very young. I think it was mostly from our curiosity of the shiny metal objects in the forbidden room.

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  • Chris Gekker
    December 2014

    Chris Gekker

    We’re always going to be on the brink of disaster, that’s just the way the music business is. I believe it will always find a way, because music is part of being human.

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  • Gary Grant
    August 2014

    Gary Grant

    After Woody’s band, I moved to Hawaii and that’s when I first met Jerry Hey. That’s when Jerry used to work for me . . .  for a lot less money, I might add.

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  • Malcolm McNab
    May 2014

    Malcolm McNab

    I’ve played my 46th score for John Williams as first trumpet. Most recent was the last Indiana Jones movie. The first was The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing in 1973 with Burt Reynolds.

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