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Bone2Pick Interviews

  • Vic Firth
    June 2014

    Vic Firth

    Back then, we sold up to 30 pairs of sticks a month, which was a big deal. We now do 80,000 sticks per day. So we’ve graduated from the minor leagues.

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  • Malcolm McNab
    May 2014

    Malcolm McNab

    I’ve played my 46th score for John Williams as first trumpet. Most recent was the last Indiana Jones movie. The first was The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing in 1973 with Burt Reynolds.

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  • Steve Turre
    February 2014

    Steve Turre

    Woody Shaw was an intense person and that’s why his music had that intensity. He believed in what he believed in and wasn’t scared to say it. He was 100% focused!

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  • Bob McChesney
    December 2013

    Bob McChesney

    I saw the Tijuana Brass TV specials and thought the trombone player was really cool. He was in the background and then he would jump out and play a solo. I thought that would fit my personality.

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  • Chuck Findley
    September 2013

    Chuck Findley

    I gave my notice to Buddy and he said to me, ‘Kid . . . I’ll make sure you never work another day in your life.’ I made more money that first night in Vegas than I did for a week on Buddy’s band.

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  • Ben Baldanza
    June 2013

    Ben Baldanza

    At one point, I wanted to be a professional trombone player. Then I realized if I wanted to be a successful trombone player I’d have to be like one of the 10 best in the world and if I wanted to be a successful businessman I just had to be good.

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